Would you like to live the Life you’re meant to live: 

Happy, Joyful, Meaningful, Passionate and Creative?

Become your best self, live your true soul purpose so that you can have a journey of an incredible happy and successful life you have ever imagined.

I am inviting you to become your best self and STEP into your hidden Powers: 

In the process You will: 

  • Discover who you’re meant to be: know your Life work, and soul purpose
  • Transform each area of your life including: spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and relational by creating your own paths to abundance and happiness
  • Connect to internal happiness and Divine Love and Light so that you can attract loads of Love and Success
  • Understand your hidden powers and gifts, and the best use of these
  • Find out how to make independent decisions that lead you to success
  • Let go of insecurities, worries and other limitations
  • Heal from burnout, revive joy and live in a state of Bliss
  • Discover your Creative side and explode its levels
  • Use Divine Love and Light in your daily life for in-riching your life and the life of other people
  • And have fun!

And by doing all that you will fulfill your mission on this Earth and better this World!

Lets change your life and play the game you want to play!

If you are serious about realignment in your life, and you had an initial session with me, (Tatiana Walker), then it’s the time to look further into a bigger transformation.

I am inviting you to join me to work in small settings.

This group coaching is a close environment of a few people with the same life goals.

This membership is for 6 months.




Read below testimonials of people who work or worked with me.

“ I worked with Tatiana when I was feeling low. She gave me so much loving energy and had an amazing ability to connect with me on a soul level. I could feel how intent she was on getting to the root and sensing where my blocks were. What a special experience. I felt cared for and nurtured.” ~ Sarabeth


“There’s a genuine empathy which envelopes you, as Tatiana takes on your case. You come to discover that the solution has been with you all the while -until she points it out. Her sessions are amiable and filled with humour, breaking all ice, and she leaves you with a renewed sense of direction.” ~ Sam E.