Pluto Influence and What to Do with It

I want to share with you something that I have been doing for the last 4 months. I am an avid FE user and love this very much. I have been using on and off one essence that helps me to let go of old attachments.

As you might already know Pluto rules the subconscious world and it also can hide/ reveal attachments/beliefs that are not healthy for us. Or we can attract people with power issues! Since I have Pluto transiting my natal Mars right now, I have received plenty of impact from it since its conjunction.  I have been trying all kinds of things to ease that effect. Honestly, this is the most powerful transit I have been experiencing in my ENTIRE LIFE.

Pluto is here to expose what I (and you) need to rebuild/heal. It exposes the biggest secrets from the depth of the soul; even secrets that have been dragged from previous lives.

 So It’s extremely important to resolve old soul contracts ( that are a burden) when you live on Pluto line or even dealing with Pluto people, or transits, ect. You get me. Pluto is here to teach us how to let go of some bad ( for us) contracts, hidden agendas, burdening secrets, overpowering people, crippling beliefs, and also weaknesses that strangles us. When you enter a Pluto line it’s there for a reason and you MUST resolve some issue, or it will be hunting you till you resolve it. Running from it is pointless, as the issue will not leave you. You will eventually deal with it again and it might get worse by then. But what to do when life gets intense? Comprehend these energies and resolve them. I do it daily.


I developed a recipe containing Bach flower essences with another energy method, and  I have seen good results so far and I will teach you also how to let go of some of Pluto’s effects on a deep energetic level.  By changing the energy that attracts  Pluto’s events you will stop Pluto’s manifestations. If you want a customized recipe to change your energy so you can stop attracting pesky situations ( lol, that is what they feel like to me) please contact me.

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Much love